It's the little things that really set off a custom truck, especially when one has to actually study the vehicle to see what that little thing is. We've all seen a pickup and said, "All right, what's different about this thing that I'm not seeing here?" It's a Man Law, I think, to battle that cyclical question over and over. Well, one of those subtle mods that really tops off a build is one-piece windows.

By eliminating the factory dual-window design, the truck's body lines are highlighted for a clean look. One Piece Products in Whittier, California, manufactures one-piece window kits that do exactly that. Their product, which can be ordered for both manual and power windows, is a single ide-glass window kit. Instead of keeping the look of a standard window and wing window, this new kit mounts in place and fits the entire window opening. The new OPP tempered glass opens up the truck's cab, which not only cleans things up, it also allows for crystal-clear viewing without any pillars in the way. The kit also comes with all-new felt; that way, the window will sit in the door properly, just like Chevy trucks from the late '80s and up. Along with new felt, OPP also designed inner and outer scrapers that not only help guide the window, but also keep the window free from a case of the shakes. Besides all the functional and cosmetic benefits of the new windows, another bonus is that the opened window cavity finally allows for sufficient room to post up your arm. No more squeezing things in there with a 65-degree bend at the elbow.

One Piece Products manufactures several kits for various Chevy trucks, including '67-72 Chevy trucks. The kits are entirely bolt on, and for the most part they utilize the stock window mechanics, such as the window regulators, cranks, and more. However, the kit does come with new guide channels, window felt, inner and outer scrapers, and, of course, a one-piece tempered glass window that needs to be installed. To get a closer look at the OPP kit, which was one of the first ones off the assembly line, we headed down to KA Custom in Huntington Beach, California, to follow along while owner Kevin Francis went to work on a '71 GMC.

One Piece Products
KA Custom
17702 Metzler Ln., Dept. CRM
Huntington Beach
CA  92647
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