Rock You Like A Hurricane
Professional Products has introduced its new Super Hurricane intake manifold. The new manifold features an extra-large plenum and specially shaped high-flow runners, which makes it a viable choice for Chevy small-block engines displacing over 420ci on gas or over 350ci on alcohol. The Super Hurricane is also available with injector bosses for those using fuel injection. The Super Hurricane manifold is available with a polished or satin finish and is priced for the budget-minded performance enthusiast. For more information, contact Professional Products at 323-779-2020,

New from D & H Heat Technology, Inc. is KoolMat insulation. The new KoolMat insulation offers truck owners good news for those GM starters that won't restart from header heat. The new 10,000-degree KoolMat Starter Kit helps solve high heat problems and the breakdown of starters. The KoolMat material is die-cut 6x22-inch and wraps around the starter. It also features a 27-inch stainless tie strap that secures the kit. The KoolMat material is a thin .070 cured composite of fiberglass and silicone, and it is weather resistant, abrasion resistant, and it won't outgas or mildew. The material is also very flexible, washable, and it conforms to contours, which makes for easy installation. All claims by the manufacturer. For more info, contact D & H Heat Technology, Inc. at 877-566-5369,

Quick Fuel Technology now offers its new Quick Link throttle control system. These rebuild and conversion kits are available for all 4150-style four-barrel carbs with mechanical secondaries. Each kit includes slabbed Teflon-coated throttle shafts, high-flow button-head throttle plate screws, Teflon bearing ribbons, and three different linkage rods that control when the secondary throttle shaft opens. The standard gold link opens the primary venturies 40 percent before opening the secondary plates. The black super-progressive link opens the primaries 60 percent before opening the secondaries. The silver 1-to-1 link opens both primaries and secondaries at the same time. These links are changeable in seconds with only a pair of pliers, with the carb still mounted on the intake manifold. Use the standard link for normal street driving. Switch to the super-progressive link at the strip to prevent the car from creeping as you run up against the converter before launch. Headed to the road course? Install the 1-to-1 link for precision throttle control. The Teflon shaft coating and Teflon bearing ribbons keep throttle effort light and provide an excellent seal against air and debris. All claims by the manufacturer. For more information, contact Quick Fuel Technology at 270-793-0900,