The subject vehicle of this tech feature is our '86 Dodge pickup known to loyal CCT readers as the "High School Custom," but the information it contains is applicable to any classic truck with a steering wheel.

When Grant Products recently announced the arrival of their Classic Series of steering wheels, we knew immediately that the Dodge Charger wheel available with either a black foam or genuine imitation wood rim would be the perfect custom touch to keep that Mopar feel to our Dodge.

The first step to any tech procedure on a truck is to disconnect the battery, but even before that, when it comes to installing a new steering wheel, you will have to consider the dish (depth) as well as the diameter.

If you decide to go with a shallower dish like we did on our Dodge, there might be clearance problems with the turn signal stalk or the column shift lever. We resolved this with a cutoff wheel, and the end result was a one-off set of cooler-looking sticks. Removing and replacing a steering wheel can be an easy snap or a real bear-it depends on how careful you are.

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