Up front, it was basically the same story. The front suspension on a stock '63-72 will work, but in order to maximize ground clearance and the full travel of an air-suspended frontend, Air Ride designed an entire bolt-on front suspension, also dubbed the StrongArm kit. Replacing the stock A-arms are new tubular control arms designed and built by ART. The new upper and lower A-arms come complete with bushings, ball joints, and cross-shafts, which means all one has to do to install the arms is bolt them up. ART also equips the arms with the correct year of ball joints that fit the stock spindles. As for mounting the air spring, all one has to do is drill a few holes and bolt the mounting plate to the upper spring pocket.

Another area ART improved is the frame mounting stud for the shock absorber. On a stock setup, the upper shock mount is bolted to a lone standing stud off the framerail that is prone to breaking. ART designed a solid upper shock mount that bolts to the frame that can take the punishment of everyday use. Along with the rear suspension, the front suspension parts are all jig-assembled and hand-MIG welded. Not to mention all the brackets are laser-cut and CNC-machined for a precise fit.

For Project Get Shorty, Air Ride Technologies sent us a complete front and rear STRONGARM kit with CoolRide airbags. They also sent us a RideProE system and the new LevelPro system, which we will install in an upcoming issue. As for this installment, we bolted up the front and rear suspension with no problems at all. The only tricky part was determining the new wheelbase pickup points since we shortened the frame, but even that is only a series of measurements. Check it out.