Installing the new Brothers hinges is an easy yet tedious task. You see, the hinges bolt right up with common hand tools without a hitch. The problem lies in aligning the doors, because unlike some parts where all it takes to fit something is to bolt it in place, doors require proper alignment in the door jamb. Aligning doors is kind of like playing Battleship. You call out coordinates until you get a hit on a ship. Once you get a hit, you dial in on that ship by calling out the surrounding coordinates of the ship, until finally the job is done and the ship is sunk. Similar to that, when the door is somewhat in the correct position, start making ever such slight adjustments until the door fits perfectly. There's no science to it, just the guess and check method.

To get a bird's eye view of what it takes to install the Brothers hinges, follow along with Imzz Industries in La Habra, California, while they install a set of the new hinges.