Gennie Lo-Dapt
Gennie Shifter's new Lo-Dapt allows Gennie customers to put a Gennie shift knob on a pushbutton Lokar-type shifter. Gennie Shifter's Lo-Dapt allows you to display your personal style on transmission shifters with the Gennie shift knob of your choice. Gennie's Lo-Dapt shift knob adapter is designed to adapt to most aftermarket shift knobs. The Lo-Dapt shifter adapter is designed with the common 3/8-16 threads found in most aftermarket shift knobs. Designed with hidden jam nuts for a flush mount against the shifter knob, Gennie's polished 304 stainless steel Lo-Dapt blends with any chromed shifter to give you a clean look with your choice of Gennie shift knobs. Lo-Dapt uses a brass-tipped black oxide set screw (not plastic) internally for long-lasting durability without any of those annoying rattles. For more info, contact Gennie Shifter at 877-743-6643.

Cable X
Abbott Enterprises announces the release of its most advanced Cable X to date. The Cable X enables you to operate your stock mechanical speedometer with an updated transmission equipped with a vehicle speed sensor. The Cable X is a one-time fix, as it is adjustable to any change in the tire size or rearend ratio. The best part is, there are no long or messy cables needed. For more information, contact Abbott Enterprises at 800-643-5973.

Gear VendorsFor T-10
Gear Vendors' new T-10 Manual Transmission kits are now available. The kits make it possible to adapt a Gear Vendors unit to the ever-popular T-10 trans. The Gear Vendors under/overdrive is a two-speed planetary gearbox that bolts to the vehicle's existing transmission, allowing the driver a direct drive (1:1) or overdrive (1:1.286) option in any gear, at any moment. With manual transmission applications such as the T-10, not only does the Gear Vendors add a fifth gear of overdrive to your transmission, but its gear-splitting capabilities also enable you to make full-throttle clutchless shifts into overdrive. For more info, contact Gear Vendors at 619-562-0060.