Unlike pinball wizards, when truck lovers see the word "tilt," they don't think "game over." Instead, they imagine a new mod to trick out their truck. Installing a forward tilt hood on your Tri-Five Chevy is a sure way to enhance your truck's look and style as well as add some wow factor. Years ago, it was up to the ingenuity of individuals to build hinges and more in order to go full tilt, but nowadays it's as easy as picking up the phone and calling Pizza Hut.

If you were to get a hold of one of No Limit Engineering's catalogs, it's safe to say you would be astonished by their abundance of products. From mechanical to cosmetic, No Limit carries a wide variety of products for classic trucks, and one of those products just happens to be a forward tilt hood kit.

No Limit's Tri-Five tilt kits are designed and engineered to be a simple and hassle-free bolt-in installation. The entire kit is bolt-in besides the four 3/8-inch holes that need to be drilled to help mount the hinge pivots. Other than those few holes, the kit is based around factory mounting positions, which is the key to the kit being more or less a bolt-in system. From there, No Limit designed a simple hinge system around CNC-machined pieces and rod ends with spherical bearings. To guide the truck's hood into position, No Limit also designed a simple guide track that mounts to the firewall. The tracks are paired up with laser-cut stainless stands attached to the hood and equipped with Delron rollers. Even aligning the hood is simple. The tilt hood kit gives users full adjustability from front to back, height and tilt by simply adjusting the height of the Delron rollers and rod ends. Side to side adjusting is accomplished by inserting more or less washers between the rod ends and the hood mounting brace. The only stock item that the kit retains is the original hood latch. Other than that, the factory hinges and bracing are thrown out.

Venable Koncepts in Huntington Beach, California, is knee deep in building a '55 Chevy, and part of the build called for a No Limit forward tilt hood kit. When we here at CCT got word of that, we headed down to Surf City, USA, to see exactly what it takes to install one of the way cool No Limit kits.

No Limit Engineering Venable Koncepts