Depending on who you ask, the phrase "form before function" will draw mixed emotions. Some will say it's all about looks, while others will say it's all about handling. Although both cases hold water, neither will doubt the fact that such forms of function as brakes, stance, and driveability must not be ignored. When it comes to '73-87 Chevy trucks, looks are key to a build, but the square-bodied rides must be able to go down the road as well.

Classic Performance Products in Anaheim, California, is all about helping your hauler get down the road safely and stylishly. Their plethora of parts range from front to back and up and down for square-bodied Chevys, but as of right now, we're going to focus on just a few key products, their tubular controls with a disc brake/spindle kit and the new hydroboost braking system. The tubular control arms will help set the correct stance for lowered trucks in several ways, and they will also eliminate the scary factor of having to butcher stock A-arms. The new spindle/brake kits and hydroboost will solve all your braking needs, and the real kicker is the relatively easy installs that have more than adequate benefits, and they won't have you saving your lunch money for the next year.

The Classic Performance Products tubular control arms are designed to provide full suspension travel and minimal friction. The upper CPP arms are constructed from 1 1/4x.120-inch-wall, and the lower arms are 1 1/2x.120-inch-wall DOM tubing. The pivot barrels are beefy 1 1/2x.188-inch-wall DOM tubing that helps eliminate distortion from welding and hard use. The arms are lowered-truck-friendly since they are designed to increase ground clearance over the stock arms, and the upper arms have been designed with five degrees more caster than the stock arms. Instead of utilizing rubber or polyurethane bushings, CPP has designed a patented plastic self-lubricating non-squeak bushing that provides a comfortable ride and increased handling. The 4140-alloy steel cross-shafts and sleeves are zinc-plated for lasting performance. Along with that, the sleeves have an interlocking design that prevents the hardware from working itself loose. The original cross-shaft pivot was designed to carry either a forward or back load, however, the CPP cross-shafts are designed with both forward and backward loads. The control arms come preassembled for an easy bolt-in installation, and they can be installed as a full set, or mixed and matched with either factory upper or lower control arms.