Although quite convenient and time saving, package deals can turn on one just as quickly. For instance, how many of us have set out to buy a simple tool, but the only way you can get that tool is to buy a packaged set with four other tools you already own? We've seen it a million times. When it comes to buying aftermarket billet engine brackets, it's the same deal. Buying just an alternator bracket or power steering bracket isn't really in the cards. But through the marvels of modern science-more like two diehard gearheads-you can now purchase that one billet item.

Mike Peterman and CJ Ballejos are two dyed-in-the-wool gearheads who saw a way to squeeze into the aftermarket billet engine bracketry game by offering up a fresh concept. They only wanted one or two brackets, but they were forced to buy full systems just to get what they were after. With an empty void and a lightbulb atop their dome, they started their own company and begin manufacturing their own brackets. And just like that, CnC Customs was born.

When Mike and CJ began CnC Customs, they based their business off of one key concept: every one of their parts can be sold separately. However, variety is the spice of life, and full kits can be purchased as well. In the grand scheme of things, that means one can splurge for the entire kit with all the brackets at once, or they can go Johnny Cash style and build their engine bracket assembly one piece at a time. After a few years of R&D, CnC now has a lineup of engine brackets for small-block Ford and Chevy applications. They are also in the process of designing parts for big-block motors and other niche motors. Included in that lineup are billet power steering brackets, alternator brackets, and A/C brackets. They also have billet fuel pump block-offs, stainless hardware kits, universal throttle kickdowns, and more.

CnC designed the brackets to be simple. That not only means the brackets are a straightforward install, but they're based off a simple yet elegant design that will complement any engine setup. All of CnC Customs' brackets are CnC-machined from 6061 T-6 aluminum and highly polished. The brackets are designed to work with long water pumps and basic power steering pumps, alternators, and Sanden 708 and 508 A/C compressors. CnC also offers conversion kits for metric-style pumps.

For our install, CnC equipped a Chevy small-block with their lineup of products and stainless hardware. The install is cut and dry and doesn't require any more than basic hand tools and common knowledge.

CnC Customs
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