This setup sounds great if you have a GM truck, but what if you have a Ford? The Ford wheels aren't going to work with a GM rotor because they don't have the same bolt pattern or bearing design. Simple: Along with the Smart Spindle, No Limit also designed the Smart Rotor. The rotor is based on a late-model GM rotor, but it has one big advantage-it's manufactured with both GM and Ford bolt patterns, so by simply screwing the provided wheel studs into the rotor, the setup is compatible for both makes.

To get a hands-on approach to the new setup, we traveled to No Limit Engineering in San Bernardino, California, where a '46 Ford truck with a Mustang II IFS was about to undergo a new Smart Spindle and Smart Rotor swap. The install is just like any spindle and rotor install, which means it's about as basic as you're ever going to get. Before we turned any wrenches on the '46, we headed to a local parking lot, where we ran some very primitive 70-0 braking tests outlaw-style-that's code for "we're cool as long as Johnny Law don't show up!" After the swap, we went back out and shaved roughly 10 feet off the previous numbers. However, that was with Wilwood Engineering's high-performance brake pads, which No Limit offers as an upgrade.

In the end, the swap is a quick, easy, and straight-to-the-point install. You don't have to worry about the correct bearings, spacers, and so on-simply open up the box and it's all there, clear as day. This new setup is so smart.