So No Limit came up with their new Smart Spindle. They designed the spindle to incorporate one key element: it is universal for Ford and GM applications. No Limit accomplished this by replicating the original Ford Mustang II spindle design, but instead of using a Ford-style spindle shaft, the No Limit spindles protrude a GM-modeled chromoly spindle shaft. Because of this, any late-model GM rotor, bearing, caliper, bearing seals, and spindle nuts can be used with the spindle. That means no more mixing and matching to bolt up a GM rotor to a Ford spindle. Along with that, No Limit also designed the spindle with a 2-inch drop, all the while keeping the correct steering geometry. No Limit's new spindle also has one more key element. Aftermarket Mustang II spindles require a bolt-on caliper bracket, which does work. However, like anything that consists of two pieces merged together, it isn't as strong as one solid piece. The problem with bolting a caliper bracket to the spindle is that during braking the intense amount of force actually causes the caliper mounts to flex, and when the brackets flex, the inner and outer brake pads aren't wearing evenly on the rotor. Instead, the back of one pad and the front of the other pad do most of the stopping, which means the vehicle isn't using all of its braking potential. So No Limit designed the spindle with a forged-in caliper mount that eliminates the bolt-on caliper mount. Adding to the forged caliper mount is a caliper load arm the caliper mounts to. Between the forged mount and the support bracket, the new spindle offers a firmer caliper mounting style that helps reduce brake flex. The best part about the spindle is that it is designed to work with any Mustang II IFS, regardless of the brand. If it's Mustang II, then the Smart Spindle is compatible.