All In One. Batteries Included. Aren't those the phrases we look for on our packaging? When it comes to shopping, one-stop shopping can't be beat. Even JC Penney has caught on and invested millions in ramming their "It's All Inside" jingle into our heads over and over again. But oftentimes in the custom classic truck market, projects call for shopping at a few different locations to get the job done. But if you could buy a package full of parts with those big red words on the box and only have to make one phone call or trip, wouldn't that entice you? Yeah, we thought it might, and so did No Limit Engineering.

As most of you know, No Limit Engineering is no stranger to the pages of CCT. When they're not selling massive amounts of product for classic trucks, they're building them. One of their more popular items is the Mustang II IFS unit. These weld-in kits are based on Ford-style Mustang II IFS setups and are one of the most popular installations owners make to bring their dated chassis into the new millennium with IFS, disc brakes, rack-and-pinion steering, and more. However, seeing that they are based on Ford's original design, the spindle rotor and hardware are Ford, which isn't a problem when one of these units is installed in a Ford truck. However, when it comes to GM trucks, there is some mixing and matching with oddball spacers, brackets, bearings, spindle nuts, etc. and more in order to install the GM rotors and calipers on a Ford spindle. In the long run, that means a lot more time spent getting the right parts, more complicated orders, and a bigger inventory. Adding all that up, No Limit owner Rob MacGregor thought there had to be an easier way.