Inline And Unified
Performance Distributors is now offering the Davis Unified Ignition (DUI) for 1949-62 216, 235, and 261ci Chevy inline six-cylinder motors. The DUI is a one-piece, one-wire distributor that is fully electronic, eliminates the hassles of changing points and making for a much cleaner installation. The 50,000-volt DUI coil inside the cap allows you to open up your plug gaps to .055 inch, which will help burn fuel more completely. The Dyna-Module, which is located inside the distributor, has more electronic dwell time built into it right out of the box. The extra dwell time allows the coil to saturate longer, sending a massive spark to your plugs. A heavy-duty cap and rotor with brass terminals ensures maximum conductivity, and each DUI is calibrated on a distributor machine with a smooth advance curve. The dialed-in curve provides you with instant throttle response and prevents engine-damaging detonation. For more information, contact Performance Distributors at 901-396-5782,

Performance Online introduces a new member to their performance suspension product line for 1963-72 Chevy/GMC trucks, high-performance tie rod adjusting sleeves. In order to help improve your steering system's strength and add a high-tech look, these high-strength tie rod adjusting sleeves allow for precision alignment settings and reduce the chance of slippage found in traditional clamp-type sleeves. Performance Online was able to accomplish this by incorporating jam nuts into the sleeves. To learn more about the sleeves, contact Performance Online at 800-638-1703,

Impala Bob's now has exact-fit Chevrolet and GMC wood bed floors. The new floors are sanded, grooved, and cut to size for both long- and short-bed Fleetside and Stepside models, and are available in oak or pine for 1947-72 trucks, or oak parquet for 1960-72 trucks. Prices range from $194 to $439, and the bed wood can be ordered with or without mounting holes drilled to the original pattern. All Impala Bob's bed floors use 3/4-inch-thick wood for a durable, show-quality finish. Boards are precision-cut for each model to ensure an exact fit. Impala Bob's also has such accessories as 18-gauge unpolished stainless steel, polished stainless steel or steel bedstrips, angle strips and angle covers to fit bed corners in Stepside trucks, heavy-gauge steel cross sills, rear cross sills, and cadmium or polished stainless steel bed bolt kits. For more info, contact Impala Bob's at 800-467-2527,