The CPP front caliper pistons are among the largest available with a 2 15/16-inch bore and a piston area of 6.8 square inches. A pair of zinc-plated backing plates helps deflect debris from interfering with the brake rotor and caliper. The rear calipers are big and incorporate an integral parking brake. Rear calipers feature a 2-inch bore and have a piston area of 3.1 square inches. The rear brake lines are all pre-bent for exact fitment, connecting with flare fittings to either rubber or stainless braided Teflon brake hoses with banjo fittings connecting to the calipers.

Knowing the crew at CPP are early risers, I arrived with pre-dawn fresh doughnuts and coffee. After unpacking my camera bag and inserting an empty flash card, I was ready for action. CCT

FactoidClose Quarter Canine Flatulence Winter is rapidly approaching, and it's that time of year when Fido's traveling arrangements must be moved to the truck's cab. To avoid the unpleasantness associated with a dog's gaseous exuberance caused by fermentation in the large intestine, veterinarians advise a diet low in vegetable carbohydrates. At Custom Classic Trucks, we suggest the addition of power windows.