In the wake of 911, the Orange County Register of Santa Ana, California, ran an interesting story about the history of Line-X and its amazing properties. It told of how the product's inventor stumbled onto the process while searching for a better way to protect his race-car trailer's bed. The feature went on to reveal that while rebuilding the Pentagon, Line-X was sprayed onto the walls due to its incredible ability to resist explosions.

When the time came for us to clean up our '72 Ford F-100's steel bed, we were just looking for a fix until we could locate a better example. Our bed was hammered from years of extremely hard service, and we erroneously assumed it was beyond saving. It was 9 a.m. when we showed up at Line-X of Huntington Beach, California, with our '72 shortbed Ford. We asked Marcel Venable if they could hammer out the major dents in the wheelwells prior to spraying in the Line-X. Before we could say, "You can't find replacement panels for these things anywhere," Ivan had the wheelwells and bed floor roughed out almost to perfection.

In retrospect, knowing what we know now thanks to Line-X, it wouldn't have taken much more work to cherry it out completely. After the '72 was Line-X'd, we mentioned this to Marcel, who told us it wasn't too late because the dents can be knocked out after a bed has been coated with Line-X. With that news, there's a good chance it won't be too long before we get out a hammer and dolly or section in a new floor, forgetting about another bed.

Beyond the obvious gains in our truck's appearance, as soon as we drove away we discovered a benefit we had anticipated, but not with such a dramatic difference. All the squeaks and rattles that were in our bed when we drove up were gone, and there was a lot less road noise in the cab. CCT

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