CPP offers a few different sway bar packages. For trucks with stock ride heights, CPP offers a taller frame mount, which is more or less a stock mount. However, CPP recommends that any truck lowered more than 3 inches should run one of their low-profile frame mounts. This mount performs the same as a stock mount, but it tucks the sway bar closer to the frame, preventing it from scraping dips and such. The second option is rubber or polyurethane bushings. Rubber is a stock replacement bushing that focuses more on ride comfort, and polyurethane is a high-performance bushing that focuses more on handling. Polyurethane is a stiffer compound that isn't as susceptible to bushing crush or give, which is a common factor with rubber bushings.

For our project we found a '74 C10 that wasn't equipped with a front sway bar, but because of its body style the chassis was pre-drilled with sway bar mounting holes. When it came time to choose the other options, we went on the performance side of things. Instead of stock rubber bushings, we opted for polyurethane bushings and better performance. We decided to enhance the performance side of things because the C10 was dropped on the ground, which increases handling over the stock ride height. Along with the new sway bar and bushings, we also installed low profile mounts.

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