Customizing an old classic truck is all about things cool and convenient. Having to wind windows up and down is like cranking a jack-in-the-box, and allowing external door handles to break up a truck's flowing bodylines is just plain uncool. Equally uncool is having to assemble an entire Erector Set inside your doors just to enjoy power windows, or having to live with a door popper that's just too pooped to pop.

When it came time for us to add a little more cool to Future Shock '88, we contacted the fine folks at Electric-Life in Chicago, Illinois, to see if they could help us with our future classic. Sure enough, just like they sell direct bolt-in power window kits to handle a ton of different brand applications, Electric-Life's lineup for Chevrolet and GMC trucks begins with the '47-55 Advance Design series and continues through our truck's '88-99 1500 group into present-day trucks. Admittedly, when we hear a manufacturer claims their product is a direct bolt-in, we get a little nervous.

We called on our friends at KA Custom in Huntington Beach, California, to install Electric-Life's power window kit and door poppers. In recent years Kevin and Steve have built a good reputation handling everything from a quick in-and-out install like our Electric-Life power windows and door poppers to building full customs from the ground up.

At first Kevin shared our nervousness regarding Electric-Life's direct bolt-in claim, but as soon as he lifted the Electric-Life power window assembly into place, those feelings disappeared as everything fell into place. For a guy at home with an average skill level and the desire to experience the joy of lowering the passenger door window without twisting his back, installing Electric-Life's power window kit will be a breeze.

The skill level required for installing Electric-Life's door poppers is a little higher, but thanks to KA Custom's willingness to share some trade secrets with CCT's valued readers, there shouldn't be any problem handling a top-notch job.

At the end of the day, Future Shock '88 was equipped with a set of power windows equal to the factory-installed variety, and her doors pop open like a champ. CCT