540-cid Engine BuildUp-Specs and Parts List:
Big-Block Chevy
Fuel: Pump gas
Block: GM Mark V block with 4.5 bore and 9.800 deck
Crankshaft: Eagle-forged crankshaft-4.250-inch stroke
Connecting rods: Scat-6.385-inch length
Pistons: KB hypereutectic-10.25:1 compression, flat-top
Heads: RHS Pro Action 360cc aluminum-Mark IV-style, 360cc intake runners
Piston Rings:Akerly & Childs rings, 1/16 top second cast-iron, 1/16 top moly ring, 3/16-inch stainless expander
Camshaft information:
COMP Cams 306AR-10 mechanical roller camshaft
Lift: 0.680/0.680-inch intake/exhaust Duration: 306 degrees intake/319 degrees exhaust
Lobe centers: 110 degrees
COMP Cams Valvetrain:
COMP timing chain with degreeable offset key-degreed at 4 degrees advanced :
COMP Cams rocker studs, guideplates, and lash caps, 10-degree machined Keepers
COMP Cams Pro Magnum Roller rockers
COMP Cams titanium retainers-COMP Cams PN 731-16
COMP Cams 10-degree machined keepers
COMP Valvesprings PN 944-16
COMP Cams Endure-X mechanical roller lifters-PN 866-16
COMP Cams heavy-duty pushrods-PN 7131-8 intake, PN 7141-8 exhaust
Additional parts list:RHS Pro Action cylinder heads 360cc-intake runners-all Mark IV-style, 116cc chambers ported by Toby Allison * Manley valves-2.250-inch intake stainless steel valve, severe duty (0.250-inch-long valves); exhaust valve-1.880-inch stainless by 11/32-inch exhaust valves (0.100-inch-long valve stems) * Heads ported and polished by Toby Allison, who match-ported the intake, did the bowl, blended the intake bowl to the seats, ported the entire exhaust port, and shaped the guides * Competition Specialties-rear main seal adapter (converts Mark V to Mark IV crankshaft) * Fel-Pro head gasket (allows a Mark IV cylinder head to adapt to a Mark V block); Teflon-coated gasket includes 0.041-inch stainless steel O-ring embedded in the gasket * Dart single plane intake manifold-port matched by Toby Allison * NGK spark plugs - 5/8-inch head-requires small plug * Hooker headers 2/125-inch primary tube-length to be determined * ARP head bolts * Competition Specialties-Mark V front cover * ATI front dampener * MSD plug wire 8.8mm and billet distributor 6AL ignition box * Demon 850-cfm jets-88 primary and 94 secondary jets, original power valve used * Akerly & Childs bearings-rod and crank, special chamfered bearing because of big radium in the crankshaft * Milodon-oil pan (30951), pickup (18310), and pump * Adams Machine, Lancaster, CA-all engine machining and balancing (owner Mark Adams)