If you saw last month's first installment on our Pacific Coast Customs C10 shop truck, then you know that after purchasing what was going to be a driver, we ended up dismantling it to begin the buildup. The C10 was too tired to be a reliable daily driver. After installing the tilt column and making it much safer, it was time to do something about the windows. The driver-side window lacked weatherstripping and had a broken regulator, so we decided a one-piece window conversion kit would be perfect for our application.

We called the guys at Early Classic Enterprises in Fresno, California, and ordered a one-piece window kit with everything needed to switch over our old doors-even the glass was included. Faster than you can recite the Gettysburg Address while standing on your head, the components arrived in unbreakable packaging. It is a timely install, about four hours or so for each door, so plan an entire day. You'll need a helper to remove the door and hold parts here and there. The job can be accomplished using normal hand tools, but does require some knowledge to get the windows functioning properly. In the future, we'll be enhancing this installation further when we put in power window regulators to give our arms a rest from the cranking. For now, learn how to install Early Classic Enterprises' top-quality one-piece window conversion kit.