Keeping promises is sometimes easy. Last month, we said we'd provide more tech articles from an exciting pro shop here in Southern California, KA Custom in Huntington Beach. In the June issue, KA Custom swapped in a fabricated IFS for a '58 Chevy half-ton and removed a crusty Volare IFS. The truck's owner, Sean Lotts, decided to 'bag the truck all the way around.

As with the front framerails, the rear subframe had been improved over the years--a four-link suspension setup and stepped chassis were grafted in. Sean could have modified the rear crossmember and suspension components to accept airbags. But as a CSI for the Huntington Beach Police Department, he's a rather meticulous bloke. Sean decided, "What the heck. I'll have KA Custom make a new rear subframe for my '58 Chevy Apache." Kevin Francis, the talented shop owner at KA Custom, called us up one day in March to ask us if we'd like to do another tech article.

With cameras in hand, we headed out to Huntington Beach and witnessed some more fabrication wizardry. See how the pros create a custom vintage Chevy truck rear subframe, and get some ideas for 'baggin your Bow Tie pickup. The surf's always up in HB. Thanks to KA Custom, five days a week there's also some great fabrication going on in Surf City USA!

KA Custom
17702 Metzler Ln., Dept. CRM
Huntington Beach
CA  92647
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