As I look at many vintage pickups, I'm always amazed most people chop the top before they even consider the hood. Even though we're showing a '69-72 Chevy pickup bonnet, there are many other pickups that could benefit from this modification as well, for example, '53-56 Fords and '47-59 Chevys.

By carefully laying out your lines and cutting appropriately, this is a very simple modification. You don't have to take much out of the hood. In this case, we only took out 1.5 inches. As a general rule of thumb, 1.5 to 2 inches is plenty. The '69-72 Chevy pickup will only allow 1.5 inches because of the back hood hinge brace.

If you're having a difficult time justifying this work, just tell yourself that by taking that little piece of pie out of the hood, the truck is now lighter, more aerodynamic, and will get better fuel mileage (ha, ha). But the biggest thing is, your truck will no longer look like the rest of them at the shows.