We trust you've followed No Limit Engineering's progress on the 2006 F-100 Supernationals giveaway Ford Racing-themed '56 F-100. Led by owner, engineer and master fabricator Rob MacGregor, No Limit technicians have a reputation for performing top-quality professional custom classic car and truck building. They also manufacture many industry-leading components for vintage custom trucks, street rods and musclecars.

No Limit's artistry is so astounding, if we hadn't witnessed them working firsthand, we'd think we'd somehow been trapped in a netherworld of fabrication fairy tales. In my most recent visit to San Bernardino, California, at No Limit Engineering's manufacturing and distribution center, I watched Rob construct a custom transmission hump out of sheetmetal. Given this article's allusion to fairy tales, what could be a better title than Humplesteelskin? After all, No Limit Engineering would be constructing a hump comprised of steel skin to cover the high-performance Tremec manual transmission.

Without further ado, why don't we watch and learn more about No Limit's wizardry with fabrication and engineering? See how the myth of Humplesteelskin became a reality in less than a day. The best thing is, no trolls were killed in the creation of Humplesteelskin!