In the last several issues of CCT, you've seen No Limit Engineering making progress on the construction of the F-100 SuperNationals giveaway truck. Have you ever wondered whether No Limit would leave even one tiny element of the '56 Ford F-100 stock?

If you've learned one thing from the past tech stories, No Limit is not a pro shop that likes to leave well enough alone. When there's a piece of raw metal in front of any of the talented No Limit technicians, they're apt to run to the FlowJet and program a means to carve up the metal. Or they might fire up the plasma cutter and start sculpting. It's always a dead giveaway when we see founder Rob MacGregor scratching his chin and reaching for a pad of paper and a pen. Half the time he won't even bother with paper; he'll do his engineering with a Sharpie, a tape measure, and a virgin body panel. What we're getting at is, these dudes are quite the craftsmen. It's a pleasure to watch them fabricate and create. If we didn't think we'd get in trouble with our superiors, we'd eBay off No Limit Shop Tour tickets to hot rod hauler hobbyists so they could watch Rob, Tim, Carlos, and Mike crafting automotive/truck/motorcycle finery.

Within the No Limit Engineering shop there is an abundance of automated machines, plasma cutters, die grinders, TIG and MIG welders, specialized tools, and hand tools at the ready for the Four Musketeers of Fabrication. We've watched them creating motorcycle frames, aluminum radiators, custom vintage truck chassis, headers, and engine mounts, not to mention an entire truck.

The F-100 giveaway truck the crew is building has a Ford Racing theme. Before construction commenced on the pickup, some sweet-looking renderings were created. Rob and crew are following the renderings to a degree, but like we said, led by Rob, they're following their own race car building and engineering roots to create cool components from raw metal, aluminum, stainless steel, reproduction fiberglass, and steel parts. In this installment of metal mastery, follow the leading Musketeer, Mr. MacGregor, as he fabricates some Ford Racing-themed running boards. By the way, he did get a running start, thanks to the assistance of Avenger Fab & Supply (AF&S). The running board sheetmetal blanks Rob worked with were initially cut and formed by AF&S. For now, you don't have to be the winning bid to learn some fabrication fine points. Simply read your copy of CCT.