As usual, we flamed through four digital-camera batteries and filled a flash card taking photos of No Limit Engineering's crew building the 2006 F-100 Super- Nationals '56 Ford F-100 giveaway truck. After a day's work, we had enough notes and photographs to write several more tech articles. If we could only figure out a way to work as fast and as meticulously as the No Limit fabricators!

This time, we primarily watched Tim, No Limit's parts production manager, put together the front sheetmetal from Mid Fifty F-100 Parts and install the body panels on the custom No Limit tubular chassis. In Tim's illustrious career, he has built over 200 F-100s. By following his progress, and that of other No Limit craftsmen, you'll see firsthand how the pros put together a very custom classic pickup. Apply what you learn here in your garage and you'll be building like the pros in no time. Perhaps you're already a master fabricator-if so, there may be a trick or two you haven't learned yet. Enjoy.