Modern automobiles travel faster and are driven more miles(per family) every year. National Traffic Safety Council statistics reveal an accurate history: There's no doubt that seatbelts save lives. Every insurance company in the country has lobbied for increased safety features, including front-seat airbags for both the driver and passenger. Ask anyone who has been involved in even a minor traffic accident about the importance of automotive safety features.

Logic and years of research have demonstrated the importance of keeping a driver and his passengers in their seats. Because of modern freeway speeds, nothing short of a three-point, inertia-reel safety belt restraint system will satisfy most insurance underwriters (not to mention each state's legal requirements).

Because the typical classic '67-72 Chevrolet or GMC project pickup came with a very basic set of lap belts, it may be time to upgrade to a much more protective seatbelt system. The Truck Stop Specialty Conversions in Fullerton, California, has a solution to the problem. The solution comes without having to drill an abundance of extra holes in your truck. In fact, The Truck Stop's new three-point, inertia-reel safety belt restraint system for '67-72 Chevrolet and GMC light-duty pickup trucks uses all the stock factory mounting points-it's simply a bolt-on process.

"All of our seatbelt applications are manufactured to meet or exceed applicable federal motor vehicle safety standards and codes," said The Truck Stop's Bob Daniels. "All of The Truck Stop's three-point, inertia-reel seatbelt retractor kits [five kits, including those for bucket- and bench-seat applications] are manufactured by one of the industry's leading OE manufacturers of seatbelt restraint systems for cars like Acura, BMW, and Lexus, using the highest-quality weave material, swivel brackets, and retractors available on the market!"

In addition, a total of six OE colors are available: black, blue, burgundy, gray, red, and tan. The retail price for one of these systems is approximately $220 plus shipping.We believe you'll agree with our feelings on the importance of safety. And when you decide to protect yourself and your family, you'll install a comparable modern seatbelt system. Here's how The Truck Stop's Bob Daniels upgraded customer Dutch Sittig's '71 Chevrolet shortbed pickup.

The Truck Shop Specialty Conversions Dept.
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