At some point in our lives we've all had an old car or truck whose window felt and weatherstrip caused us much consternation. While we cruise the boulevards at speed, there's a constant wind whistle, varying in pitch according to how fast we're traveling. When rainwater leaks around the window frames, that's another troublesome feature of a worn-out ride's weatherstrip. Having to use Bengay on the elbows every time we crank the windows up or down gets to be a drag. We'd rather get tennis elbow from playing the sport than from cranking on our windows.

CCT associate publisher John Barkley purchased a '74 Chevy C10 Stepside from a Texas rancher in early 2005. The pickup had the original straight-six in it and was a solid driver, so much so that John and his son drove it home, from Texas to California. Since John's astute purchase, he has accomplished much in making the Chevy a reliable daily driver. Another article in this issue details how he lined the cab with QuietRide AcoustiShield insulation. In this story, we'll show you how easy it is to replace your truck's window felt and weatherstrip. Despite the fact that John had never performed such an installation before, he accomplished the work in a little over four hours' time. This isn't difficult, but like most hobby hauler tasks, it requires patience and perseverance. Watch Mr. Barkley show off his handiwork with his emerging hot rod hauler. We'll testify here and now, John didn't throw one tool or curse at all--a testament to his patience and perseverance.