One somewhat smoggy, late-September morning, we sped along the freeways to No Limit Engineering in San Bernardino, California. CCT planned to shoot a bunch of photos for its second installment on the progress of the '56 Ford F-100 giveaway truck, which will be won by some lucky 28th Annual F-100 SuperNationals and Ford Family Reunion attendee (May 18-20, 2006). When we spoke with No Limit founder Rob MacGregor about what he and his crew would be working on, he was somewhat vague. Our curiosity was piqued. We well remembered the work that transpired the first time we visited No Limit.

Like our first visit, we burned through a digital flash card (over 500 photos) and depleted more than one camera battery in a day. We came away with not one, but three sets of photos and copious notes for tech stories on the rapidly emerging Effie. On this occasion, we watched No Limit Engineering fabricate custom tubular exhaust headers for a Sullivan Performance Products-built Ford 4.6L modular engine. Since the Ford 4.6L and 5.4L modular engines are so wide, they don't fit easily within a stock F-100 engine bay and chassis, let alone a unique No Limit tubular chassis. From sheetmetal and Chevy polyurethane tubular mounts, No Limit fabricated custom engine mounts, rather than attempt to modify the cumbersome factory Ford engine mounts. Just as Rob played shy with us when we planned the photo shoot, we'll keep you in suspense on what they'll be creating next. In the meantime, see how the pros fabricate high-performance parts-and put 'em all together-for the Ford Racing-themed '56 F-100 hot rod hauler.

BeBop's Glass Works
392 County Rd. 609
TN  37303
Sullivan Performance Products
905 Hibiscus Ct.
NV  89015
Dept. CCT
No Limit Engineering
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