In the Aug. '05 issue of CUSTOM CLASSIC TRUCKS, we promised to follow along with the construction of the '56 Ford F-100 that No Limit Engineering in San Bernardino, California, is building for the 28th Annual F-100 SuperNationals and Ford Family Reunion, to be held May 18 through May 20. Celebrating the '56 Ford F-100's Golden Anniversary, this '56 Effie will be given away to a lucky participant. We've considered temporarily quitting our jobs during the event so we could be in contention to win. But then, how could we make our way to Knoxville, Tennessee? No Limit Engineering will be piloting the hauler as part of the annual State-to-State Cruise leading up to the show. We could stow away in one of the two planned tonneau-covered bed compartments? Now that we've made our devious plans public, we'll try and keep our jobs and be content to document No Limit Engineering's fabrication prowess.

Driving his drop-top, fuel-thrifty tire kicker, CCT's feature editor blasted out to No Limit one sweltering August morning. When No Limit's crew pushed the project Effie into view, CCT's scribe recognized something very cool beneath the BeBop's '56 F-100 black gelcoat cab--a foundation that would be the envy of any gearhead. The crew muscled off the BeBop's cab to reveal the undercarriage. Comprised of 1.75-inch, .120-inch-wall round steel tubing, the chassis is 48 inches wide, compared to 34 inches wide for a stock Ford F-100 chassis. Designed by No Limit's founder, it was made by first constructing two hoop sections. Where tubes are welded together, 6-inch-long, 1.5-inch-diameter sleeves were Rosette- and seam-welded for an unbreakable bond. The rear suspension implements both a ladder-bar setup to prevent wheel hop and a racing-inspired triangulated wishbone scheme, enabling the rear axle to articulate from side to side on a center pivot point. Air Ride Technologies Shockwave airbags, tank, compressor, and control, and four-wheel disc brakes complete the over the top undercarriage. Hindsight is 20/20; we wish we were on hand to photograph and document the construction of the one-off rolling work of art. Next time.

While the team at No Limit went to work on their various projects, we fired off a multitude of photos of the classy chassis. No Limit owner Rob MacGregor brought us back on task and reviewed what he and his crew hoped to accomplish for the day. Follow along with us as we witness these maestros of fabrication and car/ truck customization build a bodacious bed floor and bedbox for the Golden Anniversary '56 Ford F-100 Giveaway Truck. Beware! Once you see their work you'll be making arrangements to attend the 28th Annual F-100 SuperNationals and Ford Family Reunion. You have to attend to have a chance to win the Effie. Don't say we didn't warn ya!