Readers following the progress of the CCT/ Smith Men '34 Ford roadster pickup project truck know that much headway has been made. Smeding Performance built a 555hp/557-lb-ft 427ci Ford stroker engine. Steve's Auto Restorations created a '34 Ford car-based roadster pickup cab and mated the body with a custom Pro's Pick bed. Comprised of industry leaders in terms of a chassis' essentials: suspension, steering, brakes, and drivetrain, award- winning chassis-builder SAC Hot Rod Products fabricated superlative underpinnings for the Ford ("All Independent & Polished," Oct. '05).

Much of the componentry comprising the '34 Ford chassis came from a company established in 1969-Kugel Komponents. Founded by former Bonneville Salt Flats and Dry Lakes multiple-speed-record holder, builder, and longstanding street rodder Jerry Kugel, Kugel Komponents has eight employees. Together Jerry's wife Judy and daughter Jerilyn run the business office. Joe is a fabricator, while the Kugels' other son Jeff oversees the shop and builds the IRS systems. Technicians Jose, Rene, and Jimmy have been with the company several years.

Kugel Komponents provides line clamps, universal brake systems, award-winning suspension systems, and handcrafted roadsters. Kugel's independent rear and front suspension systems are so beautiful, we wanted to see how the components go together. We visited Kugel's shop one sunny Sunday morning for the IRS build. On a separate occasion, we watched Jose construct the IFS.

We imagine many custom vintage truck/car enthusiasts would pay to see how well-engineered these products are and how they go together. Instead, for the cost of a newsstand copy of CCT (or yearly subscription), we'll give you the armchair quarterback's perspective. Kugel Komponents lives up to it's slogan, "Creators of Quality since 1969," and has fun doing so. But don't simply believe us. See for yourself. Enjoy.