Classic trucks are sure fun to own and drive, especially when they're updated with all the great modern components. However, there are plenty of classic truck owners still driving stockers, or nearly so. Project Yard Truck is a genuine '57 Chevy pickup that looks, runs, and drives much as it did in '57, which is mostly nice, but the times have changed and progress has taken place.

If you've been following this project, you've seen how we've made several changes in the interest of safety and comfort, mostly with the help of the great folks at Brothers.

None of these changes have really affected the performance or character of the pickup. Not that we're against modifications mind you, we've just enjoyed the flashback to the days of old. But, we have our limits. One of which is the supposedly simple process of changing the oil.

Our 283ci V-8 had the original oil filter canister still in place. As anybody should, we changed the oil soon after buying the truck. What a mess. The original deal has a filter element inside this big can bolted to the engine. You undo the center bolt and you have a quart of hot oil in your hands, and you know it doesn't stay in that can.

Plus, there's a seal stuffed into a groove where the can seats that nobody told us about, which led to another oil bath for the shop floor when we started the engine.

The solution is quite simple, one which we heartily recommend for anyone running an original 283 engine. Our local NAPA parts house stocks a kit that easily converts the old system to the simplicity of the standard spin-on oil filter.

If you're in the same situation we were, you owe it to yourself to make the conversion. Follow along as we do the switch to spin and keep the garage floor dry.