The decision to install independent front suspension in your classic pickup is usually a difficult one. Not only is it hard to decide which direction to turn (Camaro et al. clip, Volare, Mustang II, IFS kit, and so forth), but even after you narrow down the choice, there are still many options from which to choose.

If you want an independent front suspension kit, you should include the Kugel Komponents Phase 2 IFS in your decision-making. The cast stainless steel upper and lower A-arms (and spindles) are super-high quality, and their looks really stand out from the rest. Of course, your checkbook will notice a difference, but that's one of the reasons why the owners of higher-end trucks choose to go with Kugel products. Not only do they get a great product, but everybody else knows what they've got.

We picked up a Phase 2 IFS system for a '56 Ford F-100 pickup just to see what all the fuss was about. We enlisted the aid of Hot Rods & Custom Stuff in Escondido, California, to install it for us as we took pictures to document the process. We were most impressed with the design, quality of parts, and ease of installation. Here's the step-by-step lowdown on the Kugel Komponents Phase 2 IFS.

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