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Are you looking for some Hot News?? The latest and greatest of the Custom Classic Truck world? Well... Here it is!
Stay up to date with the latest and greatest in the world of Custom Classic Trucks. We’ve got you covered with the latest news and articles from around the industry.
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1968 Chevy C10 LS EFI System Install
When it came to an actual EFI setup, I was in the dark. I knew EFI systems required more pressure and thus, naturally a different way to run the fuel lines. But just how, I was unsure.... more
1965 Chevy C10 - A C10 Like Back Then
A lot of custom truck enthusiasts got their first taste of the hobby in high school, driving some cheap, beater pickup. When they weren't behind the wheel, they were under the hood or underneath the... more
Fitting Chevy Doors
It wasn't all that long ago that building a custom classic truck often meant saving mangled, rusty parts that long ago had outlived their usefulness.... more
1963 Ford F-100 - Special Edition
Retired from the Kennedy Space Center where he worked as a technician on the Apollo program and the Space Shuttle, Jerry somehow found time during his aerospace career to restore more than 10... more
Relocating Stock Turn Signals
With the addition of the intercooler behind the grille of our '68 Chevy, the real estate was starting to become a hot commodity. One of the things that received the "imminent domain" card was the... more

Classic Truck Blogs

eBay Built Gasser Van
The editors of Hot Rod are in the process now of building this ’68 Chevy Van for the 2012 SEMA Show... more
eBay Built
The editors of Hot Rod, Lowrider, european car, and Four Wheeler are in the process now of building... more
Classic Instruments '53-'55 F-100 Package
Check out Classic Instruments retro-fit unit for '53-'55 Ford trucks. Original fit, original... more
Presented by The Long Beach Model "T" Club
All Antique, Classic, and Automotive Hobby Related Items Friday July 20, & Saturday, July 21, 2012 ... more

Classic Truck Forums

Custom '47 Dually
Co-workers dad's picture is jpeg not sure how to post it?... more
I need some help finding a vendor that produces a good quality bench seat for my 56 Chevy 3100. I... more
battery tray
I have a 1949 Chevy 3100 pick up and I am trying to re-locate the battery from the under the floor... more
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