Being the bright guys we are, we figured that it would be a good idea to tow the truck out of the pit area and out to the “back 40” to minimize the appearance of us running ’round in a racecar. But once that puppy was fired up and moving under its own power, it became obvious that there was no holding Kev back. Months of burning the candle at both ends was being let out in the form of a sideways launching, salt flinging, small-block singing symphony of sight and sound with a wide-eyed, ear-to-ear grinning editor at the helm.

By the time Kev was done getting his rocks off, we figured we ought to quietly load the car into the trailer before the SCTA guys came out and lynched us. Though we didn’t technically break any rules, we did get a “stern talking to” from one of the officials.

In the end, everybody made it home safe and sound with plenty of great memories to boot and Kev’s planning on running the car at El Mirage by the time this issue goes to print. Hopefully he can get the bugs worked out by next August so we can go back out and have even more fun with old trucks!