The Art Of Von Dutch
There's less than 100 copies left of The Art of Von Dutch left in stock and there isn't going to be a second printing, so if you want to get what has to be one of the most complete books on Von Dutch you better get moving. We're not saying this because one of the guys who spent over 4 -years compiling The Art of Von Dutch happens to work here, but because the book does a great job of showcasing Dutch's body of work without getting into the artsy-fartsy explanations of what it's supposed to mean. Without a doubt, reading this book confirms Von Dutch is the guy responsible for causing a lot of kids who might have grown up to become normal citizens to throw it all away and venture into the various branches of customizing to make a living. We're not saying that's a bad thing, because we probably wouldn't be here either if it wasn't for Von Dutch. Compiled by Aaron Kahan, Douglas Nason, Al Quattrochhi, and Jeff Smith, edited by Drew Hardin. For more information on how to get your copy of The Art of Von Dutch before they are all gone go to: