Product PurchasedFree AccessoryValue orCash Back
Millermatic(r) 140 Auto-Set(tm)Standard Cart/Running Gear$89$50
Millermatic(r) 180 Auto-Set(tm)Standard Cart/Running Gear$89$50
Millermatic(r) 211 Auto-Set(tm) w/MVPPremium Cart/Running Gear$152$75
Millermatic(r) 212 Auto-Set(tm)Dual Cylinder Cart/Running Gear$278$100
Diversion(tm) 165Machine Cover, Welding Sleeves$71$50
Spectrum(r) 375 X-TREMEFilter Kit, Roller Guides$115$75
Spectrum(r) 625 X-TREMEFilter Kit, Roller Guides$115$75
Spectrum(r) 875Filter Kit, Roller Guides, Cover$184$100
Elite(tm) Series Helmet*Cloth Welding Jacket$41$25
Wildcat(tm) 200Performance(tm) Series Helmet (black)$239$100
Bobcat(tm) 250 (gas models only)Elite(tm) Series Helmet (Lucky)$349$150

No substitutions available. Promotion runs March 9 - July 31, 2009. For further details and to download a redemption for (only available online), visit

*Camouflage, Vintage USA(tm) or Black designs only.