Every moment I spent in Charlotte and Knoxville was really great, but I think my favorite time was when Brent and I hit the road from Charlotte to the Supernationals in Knoxville driving his custom '67 F-100 shop truck with Mike tagging along in the '34. More than just a pretty truck with a Fatman frontend under it, the '67 made the Knoxville run towing a tandem car trailer loaded with a rolling Fatman chassis (suited for a '53-56 F-100) like it wasn't there. When we arrived in Knoxville, Brent tossed me the keys for the '67 and I had three days to find out for myself firsthand that it didn't matter whether it was on the interstate in the pouring rain, or burning donuts off-road in the mud (just kidding about the last part), Fatman's IFS conversion for Ford Twin I-beams turns a "Slick" or a "Bumpside" into a modern truck.

In next month's "Classic Life" our Knoxville adventure will continue with a rain-soaked visit in Fatman's Bumpside to Lokar Performance Products.