Krause's Standard Catalog Of
More Relevant Than Ever
Long before the Internet became a research resource for motor journalists and hobbyists alike there was Krause Publication's Standard Catalog Of series by John Gunnell. This is not to say that John's works were the only publications out there, because throughout the decades there have been plenty of automotive reference books available. That said, the reason we have always regarded John Gunnell's reference books over most of the others is John's ability to turn out edition after edition and maintain a high level of accuracy with each new offering. In addition to text that explains new model year changes, the Standard Catalog Of series lists a comprehensive chart with every engine option available--beginning with the standard engine on up to the largest powerplant and then moves onto listing all of the available options. With the advent of the Internet one might think the Standard Catalog Of series would be rendered obsolete. However, thanks to an infinity of badinformation generated by Internet wizards, the Standard Catalog Of series is more relevant than ever. CCT