Here's what California Car Covers had to say about the Plushweave: "As the only 100% cotton car cover available today, Plushweave is perfect for indoor and outdoor use and is guaranteed never to scratch a vehicle's finish. Constructed from durable cotton fabric on the outside, and lined with a pure cotton flannel inner lining, Plushweave's ultra-dense material combination does a superior job of cushioning against scratches, nicks, and door dings. Its sturdy, resilient construction also protects a vehicle's exterior and finish from the damaging effects of ultraviolet rays, industrial contaminants, dew, animal droppings, and pollutants. The special fabric construction makes the Plushweave Car Cover breathable, allowing moisture to dry quickly and escape, which reduces heat buildup before it can damage a vehicle's finish. Its breathability also helps keep a vehicle's interior cooler in warm weather. It is not, however, recommended for continued use in direct sunlight. For more information about California Car Cover Company, visit the Web site, and see additional products not available in the catalog, at or call 800/423-5525."

As a closing thought, it's interesting to note that the blue shards of non-biodegradable matter often detected in bird droppings are remnants produced by disintegrating blue poly tarps. Unfortunately, scientists estimate that it will take literally millions of years before the poly tarps will decompose entirely.