Monster Garage Painter Living In The House Of Kolor
Who could ever forget some of the wild custom paint jobs that Monster Garage's Tom Prewitt cranked out each week in the hit show's first two seasons? It didn't seem to matter whether Jesse James and his guest crew were converting a stock Chevy Suburban into a mobile Las Vegas wedding chapel, or turning a perfectly good stock Mustang into a high-speed riding lawnmower, it was always Tom's mastery with House Of Kolor's line of custom paint products that added the defining touch.

We recently caught up with Tom at Resurrection Customs & Hot Rods in Fullerton, California, swinging a pot full of House Of Kolor clear in a shiny new Devilbiss HVLP spray gun onto a glory-bound '54 Chevy. The candy apple doesn't fall far from the tree-the little cutie in the photo with Tom is his daughter, Shelby. We heard the word around the shop is that Shelby is as gifted as the old man when it comes to getting a vehicle ready for paint. Tom Prewitt can be reached at 714/870-6550 or by e-mail: