Classic Industries Chop Cut Rebuild '53
Here's a few sneak preview shots of what the crew at Classic Industries in Huntington Beach, California, is up to these days. We slid through the back door and got a quick glimpse of Mark Vogt and Tony Colombini putting some of the last minute touches on Classic Industries' new state-of-the-art shop/television studio. Having one of Classic Industries' project vehicles appear on TV's Chop Cut Rebuild is nothing new to the CI crew, but the secret build of their parts runner's '53 Chevy shop truck takes things to a whole new level. Mark Vogt let it slip that the CCR '53 build is significant because all of the talent involved in the actual construction of the Advance-Design Chevy has been an in-house effort-starting from the concept drawings done in Classic Industries' fully self-contained Graphic-Arts department, to the paint and fabrication work that will be done by Classic Industries' employees. It's interesting to note that all of the parts required to build the '53-from its TCI rolling chassis to the engine, transmission, and body parts-will be pulled right from the pages of Classic Industries' catalog.

Instead of giving us the swift boot, Mark Vogt invited Custom Classic Trucks back to witness the build, and maybe even throw in our two cents worth. We'll keep you guys posted. One thing is for sure: we are all going to have a lot of fun!