Getting back to the '58 and remembering going to the gas station was always fun because when my dad would open the hood there would always be someone that had to see why the truck sounded so badass when it pulled up. The first thing that people would do was read Corvette on the valve covers and then it was nothing but oohs, and ahs from there. I've never forgotten how good that felt, and upon contemplating it just now, I have to admit that underneath the hood of some of my trucks is nothing to write home about, but that's all about to change. I'm going to start with some of my older trucks first, because the newer ones with all that smog junk and hoses running everywhere are going to really take some effort. I guess the first step will be to break it down into Fords and Chevys, I only have one Dodge. Starting with this issue I'm really going to kick out the jambs on my '72 F-100. To get a closer look, check out the story in this issue where I've installed a set of RHS heads along with some other super trick stuff. Moving on to my '56 F-100 with a 272-inch Y-block motor in it, I think I'll heat up the 272 before I yank it out and drop in either a 292 or a 312. There is one thing for sure, and that is my '56 will always have a Y-block in it.

Moving on to the Chevys, I think I'll start with my '66 short Fleet. We've already tossed out the compound 4-speed truck tranny in favor of a 5-speed Tremec conversion from Classic Chevy 5-Speed. The next step-after logging over 10,000 miles with the Classic Chevy 5-Speed behind a stock truck 327-is to move up to some serious performance with a Power Crate 350 engine with 400 horsepower from YearOne. I'm really looking forward to driving the '66 when that baby is dropped in. They say you can never go back, but I think for a shakedown run I'll drive out the San Gabriel Valley and see what the old girl will do up Kellogg Hill. I'll bet it's over a hundred. Then after that if I'm not in police custody, I think I'll rumble into a local cut-rate gas station and pop the hood. -John Gilbert