Drake-OffenhouserThe Chain Goes Unbroken
By chain, we are not talking about cam chains. In fact, an Offy engine uses gears to drive its double overhead-cam setup. Our story is about the legacy of Harry Miller's twin-cam racing engines. While attending Americruise last summer, we had a really interesting visit to Speedway Motors' museum, where we got a good firsthand look at a room full of Drake-Offenhouser racing engines. One can't miss it; it's the first room on the left as you walk in.

Upon our return to Southern California, we got wind of a highly specialized machine shop in Huntington Beach that was manufacturing the Drake-Offenhouser high-performance water pump for small Ford and Chevrolet engines. We tracked the shop down and discovered that Van Dyne Engineering has been the new home of Drake-Offenhouser since 2002. The place is filled with not only Offy motors, but every kind of rare engine imaginable. Van Dyne is the next link in the chain of the Drake-Offenhouser legacy. Before opening Van Dyne Engineering, Stuart Van Dyne worked for Drake Engineering, and before that TRACO. Needless to say, we'll be returning to Van Dyne Engineering and looking into what kind of neat tricks can be applied to the high-performance engines found under the hoods of classic trucks. In the meantime, if you want to find out about a Drake water pump for your Ford or Chevy engine, give Van Dyne Engineering a call at 714-847-4417.