Think that only Americans dig old custom classic trucks? Think again. Christian Kuhner, clear over in Germany, is right smack dab in the middle of building a way cool Hudson hauler. Check out just some of the stuff Christian is doing to the Hudson:

"Many years ago I became a member of the custom car club with my Dodge Ram pickup, and the dream to own a vintage truck came back. What kind of truck was easy-the truck must be a Hudson pickup, just like my dad had. After buying the exact truck my dad hold sold years ago, the journey began. I wanted design sketches like the big prototype designs of famous custom cars. After a few e-mails with some custom studios, Brian from Problem Child Kustoms wrote back, and the deal with Problem Child Kustoms was done. After two months of working and thinking, I received the final sketch from Brian. When the rendering was finished, I printed an A4 poster of the truck and hung it in my office. That way I look at it everyday and it gives me a goal to work for.

"After a lot of phoning around, looking for someone to build my frame, I got in touch with Customer Street Classics from the Black Forest. With a lot of e-mails, meetings, and phone calls later, it was clear-the front must be a 1979 Camaro front clip with disc brakes, the rearend must be a 9-inch Ford. I also decided on Centerline California wheels in smoothie style, sizes 18- and 20-inch. The engine is a GM 350 with 300 hp, and a three-gear automatic transmission with overdrive is also in the plan, as well as a '79 Camaro adjustable steering column. The exterior of the project will feature a '48 Cadillac grille for the front, Hudson sedan trim, and the cool color from the new Lamborghini Gallardo called Balloon White. The second color is red apple candy metal flake. My plan is to have the project finished for my 30th birthday 8.12.2010."

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