All of the Web sites below provide parts for custom classic trucks. Indeed, all of these companies have the wisdom to advertise in CCT. We're honored to have them in the magazine, and we're delighted to list them as an information or parts resource for your project pickups. If we've missed some of your favorite spots to paddle out on the world-wide Web, please send suggestions to:

1. - Custom Autosound offers OEM-fit radios for over 400 different year groups, makes and models of cars and trucks, '40s to '80s, as well as the universal "fits anything" Secretaudio AM/FM CD system. That's music to hobbyists' ears.

2. - Dennis Carpenter Industries manufactures parts for Ford Cars '32-72, Ford Truck '32-89, Ford Tractors '39-54, and Cushman Scooters '37-65. Most of the parts are made at its plant, located in Concord, North Carolina, just a mile and a half north of Lowe's Motor Speedway on US Hwy. 29. (Concord Parkway).

3. - Early Classic Enterprises is located in Fresno, California. The company produces and sells components for '60-72 Chevrolet and GMC trucks. Owners of vintage GM trucks may already have some Early Classic Enterprises components. If not, check out all of the suspension goodies and restoration items on hand.

4. - Early Wheel Company manufactures and distributes custom-made smooth-center and rally wheels. Roll on in to visit its dazzling array of rolling stock.

5. - Every successful company has a guiding philosophy. Fatman Fabrications is to favor function over fluff. They produce suspensions and components with maximum strength, safety, and appearance, with affordability always part of the total equation.

6. - Fred's Truck Parts is a dealer of '47-59 Chevy and GMC truck parts. They also provide free advice and will be more than happy to try and help truck builders.

7. - G.E.M. Street Rod Products has been supplying customers' needs, all over the United States for the last 13 years from its shop in Covina, California. Check out all the cool items on its Web site.

8. - Gear Vendors gives your vehicle up to twice the forward gear ratios for unparalleled performance. Most auxiliary transmissions are just dual-ranges (put them in low for towing, high for running empty). You can actually go slower than you do now. The under/overdrive is built for providing a progression of gears with half the drop in rpm of the stock vehicle so that you stay in the power with close ratio performance. Find out why Gear Vendors' Under/Overdrive is the most industry-awarded transmission. Gear Vendors also fit many vehicles not listed on its Web site. Call the company with your application.

9. - Goodmark Industries is the largest supplier of sheetmetal approved through the GM and Chrysler restoration parts programs.

10. - H&H provides parts for '55-72 Chevrolet trucks. The company also covers Tri-Five Chevy cars and '58-70 Impalas. Bring that Bow Tie all the way back with H&H Classic and other companies listed here and elsewhere in