Diane Cox is married to Mike Cox, owner of The Glass House in San Dimas, California. Twenty years ago, Diane and Mike cruised to rod runs in a Fruehauf Yellow Deuce highboy that was more Diane's roadster than it was Mike's. Then, at a rod run, an enthusiastic admirer offered more money for the roadster than Mike thought it was worth, and it reluctantly went away with the delighted new owner. "I cried, and we rode home that Sunday in separate cars," states Diane. For the next 20 years, the couple owned a series of nice cars, but never one that Diane liked as much as the yellow highboy. On Father's Day at the L.A. Roadster's Show, Mike called Diane at 2 p.m. and asked her to come to the show to look at a truck he wanted to purchase. "I was in the middle of cooking his Father's Day dinner and said no." When Mike came home he didn't want to talk about it, but the next day Mike started describing the roadster pickup. "It doesn't need anything, it's perfect the way it is." "So, if you think it's that cool, call the owner and make an offer." Diane remarked, setting the wheels in motion.

Shortly thereafter, the owner, Chuck Allen, accepted Mike's offer, and Diane had a new car that she'd never seen. Within a few days, pictures of the dark-blue highboy with the red interior arrived, and Diane fell in love with a hot rod for the second time in her life.