Inside, the cab retains the same mellow vibe as the exterior, save for the Sparco racing harnesses that surround the '70 Chevelle bucket seats, modified by Custom Interiors by Voss. A set of Auto Meter gauges keeps an eye on the underhood appointments via an American Autowire harness, while steering duties are handled by an ididit column topped by a Grant three-spoke steering wheel. A billet Bowler shifter and center-mounted fire extinguisher are the only other subtle clues of what lies ahead for those who climb in the cab.

Phil closes us out with a couple of track tales, "The C10 has been a blast to drive both on the track and just cruising around. The most memorable moment would have to be this year at one of the test days that we attended at Blackhawk Raceway in South Beloit, Illinois. This is a 1.95-mile road course that has weekly test and tune sessions as well as track days with the local BMW, Porsche, Ferrari, Vette, and Viper clubs. It just so happened that the day we showed up was also the Porsche/BMW club day. I rolled the C10 into the tech line and got a bunch of quiet laughs, points, and stares from the Porsche and Bimmer guys.

"The tech inspector asked if I was in the right place with this truck. He followed that with something along the lines of, ‘I've tech'd thousands of cars in my time, but this has to be my first truck, let alone a '70s pickup,' followed by a sarcastic laugh. He also informed me how he was a head driving instructor for his club and if I needed any advice, he could try to help me out. I responded with ‘I think that I'll just go out and see if I can make this thing go around a few corners, but I'll let you know if I need any help.'

"Twenty minutes later I was staged to run in the advanced group with six to eight Porsches and BMWs. Again, more laughs and pointing and comments on what they would do from a suspension standpoint if they wanted to make a truck handle. First session out, I passed all but one car on the track and was closing in on him until the checkered flag was waved. I even lapped one or two guys out there. The truck was swarmed when I pulled back into the pits by all the drivers and spectators watching me beat up on German supercars.

"Another great moment was at the Popular Hot Rodding Magazine Muscle Car of the Year competition. We were supposed to enter a Camaro that we built for a customer. At the last minute, the customer backed out, not wanting to beat up his brand-new Camaro. We begged the guys from PHR to let us run our C10 in its place, but they did not want a truck running in the Muscle Car event. I tried to claim that it was an El Camino, but that didn't work. Finally they let me run in the exhibition class. The truck kicked some muscle car butt in all three areas of the event finishing Third in the speed stop, Second in the quarter-mile drag race, and First in the autocross. ‘Had it been a muscle car, it would have taken First Place. In a truck. No Kidding. Consider our minds blown.' — PHR"

Which begs the question, should this be the Muscle Car of the Year? We think so…