Inside the cab, modern components were selected to go along with some of the original components that were retained. The dash is a good example of both styles. The ’55 dash was left intact, with a Classic Instruments new retrofit Tach-Force electronic gauge package in place of the factory gauges. The Tach-Force was Hot Rod Restoration Product of the Year a few years ago, and Adolph’s ’55 is the perfect application. Air conditioning from Vintage Air and a sound system from Alpine are other modern comforts. A Budnik Famosa steering wheel was mounted on a Flaming River tilt shifter column. At Westminster Upholstery in Anaheim, Pete Engle used saffron-colored Mercedes leather to cover the Glide seat, with additional leather going to the kick panels, door handles, and steering wheel.

Adolph drives the truck two or three times a week, and feels the same way he felt the first time he rode in it in 1955. We mentioned that this is the same Chevy he saw in his driveway more than 57 years ago, didn’t we?

“In 1973, after my dad retired, he asked me if I would like to have the truck. He didn’t have to ask me twice! A few years later, I took off the overhead racks and had it painted GMC burnt orange. Later, Elsie bought rims and tires for me. The truck looked so nice and I was proud that it was mine. My dad really liked what I had done.

“Elsie and I think of the truck as ‘our family tradition.’ We take it to car shows and really enjoy it. The only thing missing is that I would have loved for my dad to see it. I know he is looking down and saying, ‘Boy, that truck looks good. I knew you’d take care of it. That’s why I wanted you to have it.’”