High-tech-style Dakota Digital gauges were mounted in the stock locations in the modified dash. The leather-wrapped steering wheel is anther custom component, built by Mike Curtis to match the Intro wheels. Tunes are provided by an Alpine stereo system and cool air comes from the stock A/C unit.

When the truck was ready for paint, it rolled into the spray booth at Hot Rod Joe’s. The color is DuPont Pepper White broken up by satin Charcoal stripes across the tailgate, down the sides and up onto the hood as rally stripes.

Joe had the truck done in six months; not counting the time it sat waiting. Its public debut was at the Street Rod Nationals, displayed in the Builders Showcase area where more that 50,000 spectators had a chance to see it. Most of the Chevy’s subsequent appearances—weekly rides on the streets and highways around Lafayette—have been less spectacular but just as much fun. Maybe more. CCT