At that point, Alex insisted that Richie finish off the project, even though Richie had never wired up a complete ride before. So he hit the books, tackled the job, and ran all the wire that would get this truck runnin’. First off, he passed all the wires through the frame so they wouldnt be seen … neat trick. And in the engine bay … similar trickery can be found. Richie cut and fit stainless steel tubing, which he ran the engine harness through. This hid any wires from view underhood—a custom trick, which really cleans up the engine bay. Once again a nice touch which really sets this truck apart from the guy parked next to him at the car show.

Once back from the interior shop, the cab was remounted, and then all sights were aimed at the drivetrain. Richie laid the ZZ4 motor in the engine bay and hooked it up a 700-R4 four-speed transmission with lock up. The motor is totally decked out in chrome—anything that could be chromed, was chromed by Street Performance. Up top, a Demon Six Shooter is the cherry on top of this crate motor; not only for a vintage look, but also to keep this hungry engine fed with enough fuel. MSD ignition provides the spark to the nearly 400hp motor.

Nowadays, Alex’s sweet ’51 can be seen traveling the roads Long Island, collecting stares and glances wherever the pickup takes him. The silver Chevy has made the rounds at the local shows, grabbing awards wherever it’s parked, and making its owner proud. Last, but not least, Alex would like to send out a special thanks to Ron at Don’s East Coast Restoration and Joe Herman for their help with the project.

As for the future, who knows? Right now Alex enjoys running the 400 horses on the Southern State Parkway, pushing the ’51 and opening up those triple deuces. This Bow Tie is no ordinary truck, and Alex just loves making the ZZ4 and the Fat Man chassis sing … in horsepower harmony. CCT