There are no complaints about the 6-71-blown 350, it hauls! The polished blower sits on a Weiand manifold and carries two Holley 650 blower carbs on top. The 3-inch Gilmer-belt drive provides that sweet blower sound. Internals included a mild cam, geardrive, stainless steel valves and forged 7.25:1 pistons. A Mallory ignition with 9mm wires lights it off, and headers coated by Caps of Fresno complete the power supply. Bob went to the trouble to detail the packed compartment by running the wiring and HVAC hoses through the fenderwell to keep the inner fender panels and firewall clean-looking.

In Bob and wife Rita’s home, there is one room that is all car event memorabilia and trophies. “The trophies are nice as recognition,” they explained, “but we just enjoy taking trips in our cars, going with old friends and meeting new ones. The older you get, you build on what you’ve learned with other projects in the past.”

Apparently there’s no slowing down the Calvins. They have 31,000 miles on this one so far, and Bob is now hot on the trail of a ’38 Chrysler coupe in dusty, but very nice condition in a local barn! CCT